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The practice run an asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease clinic. Everyone with asthma or COPD should be reviewed at least once a year. On diagnosis all patients should have an extended review with the nurse and follow-up care will be shared by the doctor and nurse. This is very important to check you are as well as you should be and to review your medication. Lung function testing (spirometry) is also available. Mitch Argument (practice nurse) and Annette Pinfold (health care assistant) both have a special interest in the care of patients with respiratory disease.

For more information contact:
Asthma UK
British Lung Foundation

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HOME Blood Pressure Management

This test is sometimes indicated as part of the assessment of Hypertension.

We fit patients with either a 24 hour blood pressure machine or a home blood pressure monitor is loaned to the patient for a period of 5 days. The patient will be shown how to take and record their blood pressure measurement. Following this, an appointment is made with their own GP to discuss the results.

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Blood Tests

Are you aware that a lot of blood tests may be taken in the afternoon or early evening? We are trying to encourage more people to come during these times to cut back on congestion in the surgery during the mornings. Please ask when booking your blood test if it may be taken in the afternoon or early evening.

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Bodyzone (teenage clinic including family planning and emergency contraception)

This clinic is held at Chipping Norton School on Monday lunchtimes.

It is run by family planning trained nurses and aims to provide a confidential and health promotion-based service to the young people in the school. Doctors from various surgeries are involved in supporting the clinic. For more information please visit The Family Planning Association website or telephone 0845 122 8690.

Other local clinics in Oxford telephone 01865 456666 or Banbury 01295 819166.

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Child Health Clinic

The Health Visitors hold a ‘drop in’ clinic on Wednesdays 11.00am – 12.00pm at the ACE Centre, Burford Road. Their contact telephone number is 01608 643350 if you need to arrange an appointment with them to discuss any aspect of care for your young child.

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Child Immunisation Clinic

Fridays 11.00am - 12.30pm

Immunisation is a way of protecting your child against serious illnesses – once they have been immunised they can fight the diseases they have been protected against. Please phone reception on 01608 642529 to make an appointment.

Immunisation and your child

Immunisation is a way of protecting your child from serious diseases. Once children are immunised their bodies can fight the diseases if they should come into contact with them.

Soon after your baby’s birth you will be given a booklet ‘A guide to immunisations up to 13 months of age’ which describes the vaccinations in the UK immunisation schedule – we start the immunisation programme at 2 months of age when the antibodies passed down from the mother have stopped working.

At your first visit the nurse will discuss the immunisation programme with you and address any queries or concerns you may have – the ‘Immunisation booklet’ may answer a lot of these queries but never hesitate to ask any question regarding immunisation no matter how silly it may seem to you – I can guarantee the question may well have been asked before!

You will then be told the immunisations your child will receive at that visit and the possible ‘after effects’ – these are usually that there may be a little redness at the site of the injection and the area may be a little tender for the next day or so. Before the age of 1 the vaccinations are usually given in the thigh so you may want to be a little more gentle than usual when changing baby’s nappy. Some babies sleep a lot after their immunisation and others are a little ‘crabby’ and may need lots of cuddles. Very occasionally your child may develop a slight temperature – they may feel hotter than usual. In this instance you can give them a small dose of baby paracetamol – follow the instructions on the bottle – and remove a layer of clothing to help bring their temperature down.

The nurse will then tell you how to hold your baby ready for the vaccination – in my experience I have found holding your baby firmly and confidently reduces the chance of them moving during the injection and they seem to settle a lot quicker afterwards with a firm, confident cuddle and reassuring ‘murmurs’. If you are breastfeeding you may like to feed your baby during and/or after the vaccinations.

Never hesitate to ring your surgery to speak to a doctor, practice nurse or health visitor with any queries you may have after immunisation that have not been answered at your visit or are not addressed in the ‘Immunisation booklet’. You may also call NHS Direct on 0845 46 47 or visit www.patient.co.uk for further advice on immunisations.

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Diabetic Management

Those with diabetes should be regularly reviewed and we have a Diabetic Register to allow the nurse/doctor to perform these reviews. To maximize efficiency we ask all diabetic patients to arrange to have blood tests taken by the nurse two weeks prior to their review appointment so that the results are available when you see the doctor. Long appointments for new diabetics or those requiring more intensive management are with Nurse Mitch who has a special interest in Diabetes.

For more information please visit the following website:
Diabetes UK

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We believe exercise and fitness are very important for lots of conditions. Exercise helps your heart, bones, joints and overall wellbeing. It also reduces stress, high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoporosis and cancer, and helps you lose weight. Exercise is fun and keeps you healthy.

We also have an exercise referral scheme which allows doctors and nurses to refer patients to the gym at Chipping Norton Leisure Centre. Alternatively you may find a form of exercise you would like to know more about at www.getoxfordshireactive.org.

We also recommend that people join 'Footsteps' - the Chipping Norton Healthy Walking Scheme. It is held on Wednesday mornings. Contact John Grantham on 01608 643639 for details.

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Flu Vaccinations

All those aged 65 years and over OR those who suffer from a chronic illness (e.g. diabetes, asthma, respiratory disease, heart disease, kidney disease) are entitled to a ‘flu vaccination. Most of our vaccination programme will be on the first three Saturday mornings in October. There will be a few small clinics at the surgery after the Saturday clinics have finished. ALL SATURDAY CLINICS ARE OPEN CLINICS AND RUN FROM 0930 - 11.30 (i.e. just turn up on your chosen clinic day for your jab). We have tried this for the last few years and have found that people who turn up to the Saturday clinics only have to wait a few minutes as we have a larger nursing team on those days. Clinic times have been displayed on posters around the surgery.

Pneumococcal Vaccinations

All those aged 65 years and over OR those who suffer from a chronic illness (e.g. diabetes, asthma, respiratory disease, heart disease, kidney disease) are entitled to a Pneumococcal vaccination. This is a ONCE ONLY vaccination that can protect you from a number of different strains of pneumococcal infection. This includes those bacteria that can cause pneumonia, meningitis and ear infections. You may book an appointment with a nurse AT ANY TIME to receive this vaccination. There will also be some vaccinations available during the flu clinics.

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Health Care Assistants (HCAs)

Our HCAs are able to perform a wide range of tasks and hold clinics in the mornings and afternoons. Please ask when booking your appointment to see a nurse if your requirements can be met by an HCA. You may find you have a wider choice of appointments or may even be seen sooner.

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Healthy Heart Clinic And Blood Pressure Clinic

The healthy heart clinic is for anyone who has had a heart problem (e.g. heart attack, surgery, angina). The aim is to prevent any further heart disease. Patients are invited to attend for an annual check. Weight, smoking, exercise and cholesterol levels are monitored. Exercise sessions are arranged at the Leisure Centre if necessary. The blood pressure clinic is for people who have been diagnosed with high blood pressure and are usually taking medication. It is also an opportunity to assess people who have borderline blood pressures to help make the decision as to whether they should take any medication. Patients taking medication should have their BP measured six-monthly with an annual check at the clinic to monitor weight, smoking, exercise habits and cholesterol monitoring. ECGs are done at assessment appointments.

For more information please visit the following websites:
British Heart Foundation

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Leg Ulcer Clinic

Nurse Jenny and HCA Chris run a small leg ulcer dressing clinic on Monday afternoons. The District Nurses also hold such a clinic at the hospital usually on a Thursday - these clinics are designed to allow more time for the specialised dressings and bandaging that these patients need.

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Heart disease, Stroke, Diabetes and Kidney disease are the biggest causes of long-term ill health and premature death in the UK. West Street Surgery takes part in a Health Check Programme whereby those aged between 40 and 74 years old and are not currently suffering from a long term illness, will be invited by letter, telephone or verbally face to face to attend for a health check to determine individual risk assessments.

Lifestyle advice and referral as appropriate to further medical investigations will be carried out at these assessments.

This is a rolling programme over a 5 year period.

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Stop Smoking Clinic

By appointment via reception.

All the nurses and our HCA Annette are smoking cessation advisors, and they can support you during your attempt to stop smoking Stopping smoking is the most important measure of all in maintaining good health. We can offer both individual or group sessions. The group sessions (depending on size) may be held elsewhere so as to fill a session. Please contact the surgery on 01608 642529 to obtain a stop smoking pack and arrange an appointment.

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Travel Health Clinic

Travel advice and immunisations for our patients who intend to travel abroad are now available at our weekly travel health clinic. If you complete a pre travel risk assessment form and bring it with you to your travel appointment it will speed up the process.
For more information please visit the following websites:

Masta (Minding Your Health Abroad) for advice on travel and vaccines required - visit their website: http://www.masta-travel-health.com/

Fit for Travel

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Well Person Checks (including blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar checks)

The nurses offer a lifestyle health check and information on all aspects of health promotion and health care. If they cannot provide a particular service they can usually suggest where to go to get appropriate advice and/or treatment. Late appointments are available especially for those who work.

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